Friday, 16 September 2011


Although it’s a vicious circle, i.e. academic system produces government but in turn, it is the government who produces the academic system; but I believe, the best way to stop such a cycle is to start at the level of academic for three reasons; 1) I’m in academia so this is the only medium I have and 2) to mold a young student who yet to have any stubbornness should be much easier than to those who already has it is own opinion and 3) we do not have alternative to stop the cycle at government level. So, maybe what we need now is a free-from-partisan-politics-intellectual-online-networking or F2P2ION. It does not have to be formalized and stay virtual online like this would be the best, where Malaysian academics and intellectuals can unite, share a common goal that is ‘to acquire knowledge to conquer the world’ and to put aside any differences especially on ‘partisan politics’ during the course undertaking. Output from this networking must however be manifested and materialized in our lectures and teaching. This is how we can trigger the Butterfly Effect out of our networking. And with this I hope we can ‘reconfigure’ and ‘restructure’ our society under the time frame we bought from our siding with the current government. Just an idea to share. Wallahhualam.


Dr. Ben said...

Good idea but this was done before? Majlis Profesor Negara?

Also, elitist will come in mind. Should also nurture to the common masses to a certain intellectual. Key-point is not to leave them behind.

Me and a friend in UM is embarking on a special lecture/training for school children in rural schools. Turun padang punya kerja. And non-profit.

Airilsametok said...

On the Majlis Profesor Negara, sorry bro but you know how they are.

On the elitist, this is the very reason not to formalize anything to include the suggested networking.

On the rural schools project, good effort bro.