Saturday, 25 February 2012


For two weeks, I have been occupied by an arrangement which, if everything goes well, will be one of my biggest life events, it will be a huge leap, insyaAllah. I will let you know in due course. 

So I wrote nothing during this period mainly because my brain and my thought were devoted for the arrangement, that is how big it is. But since everything now is back into order (I'm waiting for the result of that ARRANGEMENT) I am therefore back in front of this computer, composing myself and trying to think of something to write. And guess what, it is still on politics.

Am I a politics enthusiast? Yes I am and I believe, all of us should be because politics in its pure or strict definition is important; is a skill of managing human interactions and this is to include everything from rights to heroism. Politics does not necessarily mean partisan politics which many of us especially the Malays always mistaken for. Being a politics enthusiast, for me is also being a good citizen or member of society and a measure of consciousness; how deep is your concern towards your society.

So under such a definition, all my writings in this blog are actually politically based. But only lately, they sound political to those partisan readers as the writings got into the realm of politics as these readers know it. So if the later writings sound like partisan type of politics, so be it. But in my defense, I would say a BIG NO, these writings are my consciousness and my concerns, that is all. 

And I do sound like a BN supporter because that is what I am but my decision on siding with BN in the next PRU13 was not made simply out of obsession, instead such a decision was made after a thorough analysis; weighing all the pros and cons and as far as I am concerned I am in the capacity of doing that, to the extent if there is someone in this country who can made the best analysis, it would be me. Sounds corky heh? So what, my blog, my rules.

Frankly speaking, if there is going to be a governmental change in this country, I and my family would be the least affected if not benefited. This is another way of me saying that I do not mind and do not care who wins in the upcoming election, actually. If I have worked well at Imperial College with and among world class intellectual, if I have able to do things that no one in Malaysia can do; understand and teach both mathematics and computational mechanics, develop finite element software from scratch and so on, on what basis should I have any reason to lose to another Malaysian if there is a new type of competition resulting from the government change? And how is about my family? I have no worry about them as, Alhamdullillah, we are all doing well right now (thanks to BN government also for our present well doing) and to the newer layers of my family members like our children, I would not worry about them too as they have their parents, uncles and aunties that InsyaAllah can guide them into the future world; for example, tutoring them in their SPM for university qualification regardless of how strict the selection criterion would be due to say meritocracy system and guide them further into their adult life as we are all engineers you know.

So my initial concern was on the fate of those Malays who are yet established, whose life can be changed only by their children for example because things are already too late for them. My initial concern is for the Malays who many I observe still do not have the right mentality and attitude to survive in this modern exponentially changing world when simplistic and superstitious are still their 'great virtues'. And to make things worse, I observe this from all layers of the society, from the lowest level of the food chain up to the highest level of the academia leaving me with the feeling that there are still too many things to do, to be done but changing the government is totally not the plan. We need more time, we must buy time by not changing the superstructure of the society  as there is a high potential for instability due  to the incoherence of the alternative alliance; there is so much uncertainties to be short.  

But I said initial concern right? Yes, I did say that because now I do not care anymore. When I put forward my arguments, indeed it was the very the society which I concerned the most that strongly against my words.  In a way I respect that. I would take such a reaction as an indicator of high confidence; if you are all confident so go for it, its your call anyway. But please, respect still those who like to stand side by side with the current government. This is a free and a democratic country; we are free to choose and to decide.

But what I despise the most is the aggressiveness of some of opposition supporters, some I personally know, who easily brands those who are not in line with their thinking as stupid, ‘pengampu’, and so on to the extent, some even accuse government’s supporters as not Islamic. Please realize that this ‘holier than thou’ concept, despite its medieval origin which we all should not associate ourselves with, is creeping into our society without we realizing it and is the sole cause for our ‘civil war’, not only in our country but throughout the Muslim’s world. So please put this to an end by respecting each other and recognizing each others rights because seriously, this society and this country are on the brink of collapse and collapsed we will be if we keep fighting like this.

If you have a brain, I also have one,
If you have experiences, I also got mine,
So let’s not decide, who is wrong who is right,
For if we do,
We are playing God, right from the start. 
We do not want to do that, do we?


Friday, 10 February 2012


Aku semakin hari semakin tension bila dengar, baca dan tengok perangai bangsa aku yang asyik bergaduh sesama sendiri aje, tak habih habih. Tapi, ketensionan aku tu aku salurkan kepada tenaga yang lebih positif maka lahirlah Guitar Solo di bawah ini yang aku berikan tajuk "APA NAK JADI BANGSA AKU NI?".

Note: untuk pengetahuan, my wife, Lynn was on the second guitar; melayan suaminya yang tak keruan.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


After weeks of heavy, life-changing, mind-boggling and head cracking articles, it is time for a five minutes break with this latest number by AirilSametok Band. Although it was launched last night but it has managed to top the Inkigayo Chart, making The Boys by SNSD sounds like a nursery rhyme. This song titled PAGI TADI also what urged CN BLUE and FT ISLAND to hail us as Abang Long or Long Hyung in Korean. So enjoy!!!

PAGI TADI (written by Dr Airil)

(Verse 1)
Aku bangun pagi tadi
Melihat kau di sisi
Dan kusedari, ini bukan mimpi
Ia realiti

Bila kau bangun pagi tadi
Kau sinari pagi ku
Dengan senyuman mu

Sayang, sayang, sayang
Kaulah penyeri hidupku
Bila kau ada, di sisiku
Tiada apa lagi ku perlu

Sayang, sayang, sayang
Terang pagi ku kerna mu
Terasa indah bagai di syurga
Kau hiasi kamarku
(Verse 2)
Aku bangun pagi tadi
Dan ku sedari ini bukan mimpi
Kau memang ada berbaring di sisi
Ku tatap wajah mu yang masih dibuai mimpi-mimpi

Bila kau bangun pagi tadi
Kau sinari pagi ku
Dengan senyuman mu

Ulang Chorus sampei habih........

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Korang nak tau tak apa yang aku fikir sepanjang minggu lepas? Aku fikir tentang bagaimana nak bagitau kepada orang kita bahawa kita dah terlalu jauh ketinggalan dalam perlumbaan ilmu yang kesannya menyebabkan kita menyimpang dari rasional kehidupan. So setelah aku fikir punya fikir maka timbullah idea ini; aku akan minta pensyarah-pensyarah muda (yang baru dapat PhD) untuk memberitahu dan mengesahkan situasi ini. Kenapa aku mintak pertolongan diorang? Sebab, kalau ramai yang cakap, makin senanglah orang nak TERIMA. Dan kenapa pensyarah muda? Sebab mereka inilah yang masih fresh, yang masih update dan mengikuti perkembangan ilmu diperingkat dunia/antarabangsa. So, untuk memohon pertolongan diorang, aku tuliskan satu surat terbuka kepada diorang seperti dibawah.

Assalammualaikum wahai semua rakan seperjuanganku si pensyarah muda,

Biar aku mulakan dengan satu soalan, dalam bidang anda masing-masing, berapa banyakkah buku yang ditulis oleh orang lain dan berapa banyak bukukah yang ditulis oleh orang kita? Saya pasti, nisbahnya mesti 10,000 kepada 1 atau pun mungkin 100,000 kepada 1. Bersetuju tak? Kalau itu nisbahnya, apa nak kita classifykan status orang kita, ketinggalan bukan? Kalau orang lain buat komputer selepas tulis 1000 buku, kita yang baru hasilkan 1 buku, bilalah agaknya nak buat komputer sendiri? Tolonglah bagitau masyarakat kita, mereka tak tahu, mereka ingat nisbahnya 5 kepada 1. Kerana itulah mereka rasakan mereka dipuncak dunia, kerana itulah mereka bergaduh sesama sendiri, kerana itulah mereka rasa mereka sudah pandai sehingga mereka tak mahu dengar dah cakap orang lain. Disebabkan anggapan ratio 5 kepada 1 itu jugalah, menyebabkan bila diorang baca buku orang kita yang satu (1) itu, diorang ingat diorang dah habis baca buku-buku yang ada dalam dunia ni, padahal ada 10,000 buku lagi belum dibaca.Tolonglah wahai pensyarah muda, sampaikan lah hakikat ini kepada masyarakat.

Lagi satu, susahkan nak baca buku-buku peringkat 'antarabangsa' ni ? Englishnya, hujahannya serta falsafahnya sehingga kita pecah-pecah kepala nak memahaminya, dan itu pun selepas bertahun-tahun masa yang kita luangkan, kita masih rasakan hanya seciput ilmu yang kita timba, masih terlalu banyak ketaktentuan, masih banyak ketidakpastian. Tapi, ketaktentuan ini nampaknya tiada pada masyarakat kita. Hanya dengan membaca artikel di blog-blog dan FB dan mungkin hanya mendengar ceramah-ceramah untuk dua tiga jam, mereka begitu yakin dengan ilmu mereka sehinggakan orang lain semua salah, orang lain semua sesat. Kita digelar Kang Kong, Jalang Ilmu dan lain-lain. Macamana mereka boleh dapat keyakinan ini sedangkan kita merasakan sebaliknya; lagi banyak kita menimba ilmu, lagi banyak yang kita tak tahu. Jadi, terangkan lah pada masyarakat, proses belajar itu, disiplin ilmu itu, tidak sesenang yang kita rasa, tidak secepat perolehannya seperti yang kita inagt. Bukanlah aku hendak memperlekehkan mereka, cuma aku harap kita boleh bincangkan ilmu bersama-sama, bukannya terus menghukum ilmu orang ini salah, ilmu orang ini sesat, jom lah bincangkan, janganlah terus menghukum, janganlah terlalu yakin....itu je yang aku harapkan.

Soalan yang seterusnya, berapa dalam kah penguasaan kita, sebagai pensyarah dan ilmuwan dalam bidang masing-masing. Tidakkah kita rasa kita insan kerdil, seperti sebutir pasir di pantai jika nak dibandingkan pakar-pakar diseluruh dunia? Berapa hebat idea kita sewaktu buat PhD dulu, tak sehebat manakan, ia cuma 1 idea dari ribuan yang lain kan? Dan bila dah balik ni, kita rasa macam tak terkejar dengan kemajuan orang lain di sana kan? Kita disini 'berseorangan' tapi diorang disana dah lah ramai, ada professor2 cikgu2, machine2, komputer2, yang terlalu canggih. Mereka dah cipta macam2, kita satu pun tak de lagi, setuju tak? Korang rasa tak tekanannya? Kita nak jadi khalifah dunia dan kita nak tegakkan syiar Islam tapi kita je tahu yang kita jauh sangat ketinggalan. Kalau korang bersetuju dengan aku, tolong lah bagitau masyarakat keadaan yang sebenar supaya diorang tahu hakikat dan akan mula belajar rajin2 dan kerja rajin2.

Masyarakat kita rasa mereka dah cukup rajin, rajin belajar dan rajin bekerja. Korang ingat tak lagi macamana orang lain belajar dan bekerja? Ingat tak univerisiti diorang? Tak macam universiti kita kan? Universiti diorang meriah dgn ilmu, orang cakap tentang ilmu, orang baca buku dan paper, orang cakap tentang idea, orang bahas tentang matematik dan semua orang macam seronok sangat belajar, betul tak? Tapi kat univerisiti kita rasa sunyi sangat, macam sekolah kan? Kalau korang setuju dengan aku, tolong lah bagitau pada masyarakat kita supaya masyarakat kita rasa terdesak, rasa tertekan, rasa takut, rasa terancam sebab bila mereka rasa macam ni, tak de lah mereka rasa nak bergaduh aje, baru lah mereka rasa ada benda yang lebih penting lagi yang perlu dibuat dulu.

Wahai sahabatku pensyarah muda,

Korang tau apa yang aku cakap ni betulkan? Aku tak nak cakap dengan masyarakat sebab diorang takkan faham sebab diorang tak melalui nya. Diorang tak ke sana, diorang tak baca paper dan buku, diorang tak ada supervisor untuk diorang ukur ilmunya, so diorang tak tahu ilmu ni luassss sangggggattt dan dalammmm sangaaatttt.Tapi kalau kita pakat untuk cakap ramai2, besar kemungkinan dia tersedar dan nak terima.

Tapi kenapa aku nak mereka tersedar dan terima hakikat ini? Kalau mereka sedar, barulah mereka tak jadi bodoh sombong. Takdelah mereka berhujah tanpa fakta (ada tu kononnya fakta, tapi sebenarnya cuma merepek). Barulah mereka boleh bezakan ilmu; peringkatnya, kesahihannya, dan pengajarnya. Cuma dengan sedar ini semua, baru mereka akan bersedia untuk belajar, kalau tak mereka akan terus jadi bodoh sombong; tak tahu yang diri tu tak tahu tapi sentiasa rasa diri tu dah tahu. Dan bila dah mula belajar, baru boleh berubah, baru ada harapan untuk kita meneraju dunia, yang bila tercapai baru boleh kita menjadi khalifah yang menegakkan syiar Islam.

Akhir sekali wahai pensyarah muda,

Mana-mana korang yang terbaca surat terbuka ni, tulis lah apa pandangan korang, setuju ke tak setuju ke kat ruangan komen kat bawah, supaya masyarakat kita yang terbaca komen tu akan tahu.......

Nota: aku tahu aku tulis ni seperti tak keruan, memang pun, sebenarnya dalam seminggu dua ni aku rasa leeeeetttttttiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhh sangatttttt.........aku risau aku dah LOST MY REASON.