Thursday, 22 September 2011


When I was at Imperial College I tried to do da’wah to my fellow non-Muslims friends only to end up with them saying back to me, “Airil, if Islam is so great, tell me what is so great about you, about your country? Aren’t the Muslim’s countries are the poorest, and ones that always at war. What are the Muslim contributions to this contemporary world ?” and so on which stroke me like a lightning. How can we do da’wah, how can we promote the syiar of Islam if people do not even want to listen to us in the first place simply because we are ‘nothing’, we have ‘nothing’. Look around us, look at the computer, the lights, the fan, the air conditioner, the cars, the plane, the ship, which one is ‘ours’? Out of thousands books at the Kinokuniya’s Science, Engineering and Mathematics sections, it was hard for us to even get ten books authored by Muslims.

From that very day, I have made a pack with myself that; there will be no longer a day without knowledge for me. I will go on jihad by striving to be the best and the smartest in the field so that when I want to talk about Islam, people will listen just as they listen to me when I talk about mechanics and finite element.I must earn their respect and trust by first being the authority in my fields, then maybe this one of the way I have the chance to say whatever I want to say and preach whatever I want to preach and this way, there will be a better chance for some of them to agree and to follow. InsyaAllah.


Dr. Ben said...

Bro, it's up to you. I'm only stating what I understood about Da'wah in Islam based on your original entry. You are stressing about "the only way" and your argument came out solely because of that particular groups of people rejecting you by you offended by their statements. They will say many things; politics, economics, engineering etc but they missed the most important thing which is iman.

Bertenang, baca balik what you have written dan baca balik my first 2 comments. If you cannot see it, then I am sorry. Mungkin I tak reti nak argue (maksud tak sampai).

Don't you think that those words were also uttered by the musyrikin back in the old days (during first 3 generations) too? What are the reactions of the Muslims back then?

To me always go back to the essence of da'wah shown to us by Rasul s.a.w. and his companions r.a.

Da'wah memang banyak aral dan susah payah and being rejected. Banyak sabar.

Airilsametok said...

Thanks Dr Ben kerana beri peringatan. I really appreciate that.

By the way, aku dah edit the words "the only way" kepada "maybe one of the way".

And please reply to this because I believe its better for me to delete our communications above to avoid any inconvenience for both of us because I really appreciate our friendship if you don't mind the term.

Anonymous said...

Blah laa .. dah salah tu salah lahh .. cam sial jer.. orang tu tegur sikit dah melompat macam katak .. huhu nak dakwah konon? cara reply ajer dah nampak nor riak... dah laa main gitar cam gampang .. hahahaha

Dr. Ben said...

dr airil,

As to what we been trained, I appreciate arguments that is laid down properly.

You can delete comments that are out of bound, not necessarily by your readers only but even by yourself.

Airilsametok said...

To all readers, FYI I have deleted some of the communication between me and Dr Ben which arguments were not meant and not appropriate for public, as far as I am concerned. Also, these deletion were done with the consent of Dr Ben.

Airilsametok said...

On Anon 12:32, I just couldn't be bothered.

nabilism said...

Dr Airil, with all respect, are you think you can win da'wah even for your own country? or, for your own villagers? if it have specific ways, please share, because i can't even da'wah myself like what u could do

Dr Ben, "Da'wah memang banyak aral dan susah payah and being rejected. Banyak sabar." is the cliche real?it is forever?

p/s-as a typical young boy, i am impressed by all Dr writings. love reading all your thoughts. missed the train, i am sad i couldn't read arguments between both of you (deleted), i just like the way things transparently discussed and honest rants. thanks

Airilsametok said...

Nabilism: Thanks. I am glad that you like the writings. InsyaAllah, I will work harder to provide better materials for this blog.

On my communication between me and Dr Ben, it was nothing actually, so please do not worry.

On the issue of Dakwah, my stance is that everybody should do it; at least towards himself (or herself). In fact, this should be the starting point of any dakwah activities (start first with ourselves). May Allah guide us on this.

Good luck bro. Your journey has just started.

My Destiny said...

Dr. Airil,
For da’wah material (mostly for non muslim), you might refer to one of the greatest muslim scholar nowadays ,Dr. Zakir Naik. thru his interesting international debates,inspiring publics lectures, thought,writings,etc,).He was a Medical Dr by profession, Al – Hafiz and bless with a greatest memory. I believed, Dr. known about him.

Ir. Faizal