Sunday, 11 September 2011

Abang Pi's View: Another precious writing on Bukit Kepong

Alhamdullillah,many more highly intellectual comments/writings are flowing into this blog by the hours and days only to prove that there are still beautiful minds within our society. Another instance is the following writing by AbangPi, which like Abang Ghaf's, is too precious to be kept at the bottom of any posts.

Assalamualaikum Dr,
I would like to comment on abang Ghaf's comment-became-article above.

I did agree with everything else except for a few jots of his statements namely:

1. this matter that Mat Sabu carelessly brought up into our political arena was not an anecdote. The Bukit Kepong tragedy on Feb 23, 1950 was very meaningful to most of Malaysian. It symbolised the CPM's intention to Malaya, the price that were paid by our security personnel and the still alive spirit of selfless sacrifice and gallantry of the Malay people and by saying that I didn’t mean to refer to the Malay communists.
How could we say that this issue was an anecdote when it meant so much to the people involved, the survived policemen, the family, the community and the country. I would like to speculate now that this was among the most significant event in the fight against communism along with Sungai Semur tragedy, etc. I wasn’t there for the firsthand experience of our fathers and grandfathers in the struggle for I am just coming to 40 but I am proud of their sacrifice, enabling us to have our way of life today.
Please do not hurt the old gentlemen and ladies who may had given up the pleasure of life joining the security force of Malaysia by belittling their previous effort to make sure that we are who we are today.
Please do not see this issue as another mediocre political issue. I think that is why our young people scrummed vigorously to this.

2. Mat Indera should have known the intention (i.e. grand agenda) of his communist comrades with years of his life spent with them. He was also constantly ‘educated’ by commissars. He had seen their ‘performance’ and ‘vigour’ in the Bukit Kepong attack. However for the benefit of doubt we should also allow your statement. Assume that he was blinded by the desire for Malaya independence to quite see the communists’ grand agenda.

3. He was the commander of the attack, according to his younger brother, Johan Shah. That was the reason of his head’s price was 75,000 after the tragedy. That must be a hefty sum of money. How can it be, the company commander was not one of them? It was quite preposterous to declare that Mat Indera was indeed a non communist, but again this one is also controversial.

4. It was fortunate that the majority of Malaya’s population were not with him for otherwise the land will be called the People’s Democratic Republic of Malaya without the democracy.

5. The hard way for independence was not an alien idea. We have seen the neighbour- Indonesia was successful with their revolution, in just 4 years of struggle. I must ask you, how can we endorse a force such as the MPABA that was showing the unnatural appetite for atrocity, evidenced by the Bukit Kepong massacre, to represent our revolutionary side? The Badan Keamanan Rakjat, Tentara Nasional Indonesia‘s former name faces the same armed struggle as the MCP was, without a single allegation of misconduct, much less an atrocity, all the while there were many military misconduct was accused of the KNIL. They still managed to beat the Dutch.
My point is that if the CPM claimed to fight for the independence of Malaya, there should not be any Bukit Kepong tragedy because they must regard the Bukit Kepong civilians (at least) as their citizens, to be protected, not to killed or thrown into the burning police station.

6. I wish Mat Indera will not be declared a hero due to his deed. In communist army, the leader is more powerful than in conventional army, because he had the power to deliver strict disciplinary action to his subordinate. The comrade leader can even execute an insubordinating member. I believe that if he was the leader of the attack, he should be able to prevent any wrongdoings by the guerrillas.
The communist is also unique due to another post in the army- the commissars. Mat Indera may escape the blame for the atrocity if the order came from the commissar, Goh Peng Tung who may have more power than he had.
7. the choices were made and their impacts were felt by everyone. It went into the history books as facts. perhaps the individuals involved, villains and heroes were all fiercely patriotic and were doing what they think was best for their beloved nation, we may never know.
8. The first and foremost in our life is Islam. Next came Malaysia, the Malay race, the family, etc. I was very grateful that Mat Indera and communist forefathers failed 60 years ago, otherwise we may not be as free as today. Alhamdulillah.

I apologised to Abang Ghaf if he didn’t concur to the above.
Thank you, Dr. Airil.


Airilsametok said...

Assalammualaikum Abang Pi, I really appreciate the intellectual contents of your writing. Thank you so much and I hope you don't mind if I make a special post for it. Thanks again.

Ghaf said...


Thank you very much . Indeed , that the event of Bukit Kepong is of historical significant . In fact , you have expanded the ingredients to its perspective .

The word ' anecdote , literally otherwise subjectively I referred to Mat Sabu notorious statements imbedded in his political impulses . It smells contaminated politics .

With due respect , I have portrayed Mat Sabu in the wisdom of one of Mullah Nasaruddin's anecdotes . Besides Mullah's hilarious content and with a subtle humor , it also follows by a deep moral judgement and wisdom . It brings us to consciousness on the path to realization and matters of being objective .

Mullah Nasaruddin was a man of integrity . An educated and wise man who was a well known Sufi scholar . A popular philosopher of the 13th century who was always remembered by his hilarious tales and stories . The story of the donkey , a neighbor and the Mullah amazed many and I am captivated .

The title of Mullah , is generally referred to an educated religious Muslim . He is a religious Islamic leader and a man of his words . He is proficient in the Islamic theology and sacred law . He is well respected by the communities . He is in trust of leading prayers , gives sermons and perform religious ceremonies . To the Shi'a Muslim , it is believed that Mullah is chosen by Allah SWT . He be a perfect and faithful to lead and unite all people in all aspects of life . He is free from sin because he is appointed by Allah SWT .

I always wonder if Mat Sabu fell into the category of a Mullah ? The perception given by his congregation that he is . However , the story goes like this :

Can I Borrow Your Donkey?

“Can I borrow your donkey?” a neighbor asked Mullah Nasrudin at his door.
“I’d love to help you,” was the reply, “but I’ve already lent it to someone else.”
Just then, a loud “hee-haw” came from Mullah Nasrudin’s yard.
“Hey,” the man said, “I just heard the donkey make a noise from your yard!“
Mullah Nasrudin quickly retorted, “Do you mean to tell me that you’re going to take the word of a donkey over mine?”

The impression I have , many will believe Mullah Nasaruddin than the donkey . And on that matter many will believe Mat Sabu than the donkey . The liar here is the Mullah .

pecinta sejarah said...

There were few versions of Mat Indera's involvement in bukit kepong incident.
1. Mat Indera was said to give order just to capture a few policemen but the comrads ignored his order because he was not the commander of the force but he just asked for their assistance in the incident. Mat Indera was also said operating in different group not the one that attacked the bukit kepong police station. This version I heard from the people who lives in Segamat and Tenang near Labis. Why just few of them, you need to find out from them. I will not reveal it here.
2. Mat Indera want to capture the british police officers Ray Dancey in bukit kepong police station, please refer
3. He was not involved in the incident but came there late to rescue the remained survivors

The version we have nowadays is the same version that potrayed Tok Janggut was a bandit, traitor and etc. Because someone want to achieve their own political mileage Mat Indera has been the victim of political interest rather than recognise him as a freedom fighter or independence fighter. Wallahualam.