Friday, 23 September 2011

Abang Ghaf Reflection on the Issues of Innovation

Below is the view of Abang Ghaf on Innovation. Since I took this from him, I italicized the wording. Happy reading.

Everything is cared to nurture the brains to actively be innovated in all faculties . Nutritionists announce that rice water is nutritional for the brains . We use to hear that practice makes perfect , so does the brains need practices . Besides , the key to designation is the requirement for a conducive environment of innovation to naturally developed .

Schooling and training are worthy for insight in trust for innovative minds toward technological building up . The priority area targeted is at our National schooling of vocational training of the secondary level . With much awareness and concerned , 80% of our work force are dropouts and in great need for proactive trainings for our human resource .

With due respect , our vocational secondary level is in need for overhaul . There are shortfalls of fundamental to ensure of being creative and innovative in their natural course . Lack of contents that could drive off for creativeness and innovative minds at this training juncture is assumed neglect . In absent , these have discouraged and hampered the minds to be sensitive toward of being innovative , creative , lost the element of curiosity and to be habitually challenging thus unproductive .

In referring to specific case about our vocational formal training , if we look at its curriculum , syllabus and practical workshops , the pedagogy is missing to meet the higher form of innovative minds which are in demand and that required initial training at the secondary level . And therefore the technological training is under stressed , they are far behind so thus the minds of the trainees too .

The vocational blue print should be revised and the proactive metrology to be implemented according to technological needs , changes and has had to anticipate for new technological challenges . It should be done 20 years ago . As a result , we find automative mechanic become ' replaced mechanic ' and welders just become robots to welding . They stop at that .

Creative and innovation for minds are fundamentally designation to conduct , in teaching , training and learning . And if the responsible director of the Ministry is just researching on how to have the new blue print posted on the the drawing board , it would take another 25 years before we could see a certified innovative minds in our vocational schools thus our technological industries are dimmed .

In the area of vocational automative , the definition of being innovative is simply the setting up of the right environment . The process of training which allow the trainees to be innovative . Meaning by emphasizing , 70% is vocational and 30% is academic . The 70% of the vocational is divided into two parts . One is learning via computed lab and the other half is the workshops with technological appliances , hands on training for the trainees .

We can just imagine the effectiveness learning via computer . Eg. on automative , here the students can vitalize the total designed engine . They can overhaul the engine and gain fast understanding of their functions , dissect them to parts and place them back . The innovation prevails .

In this program the understand level is elevated . In this process also their extra thinking miles trigger their creativity and innovative . And above all , it is exciting and interesting which create curiosity which is the premise of being innovative and creative at the prime age of the secondary level .


Dr. Ben said...

Good arguments there. Unfortunately, the immediate remedy is not there unless the education authority make the suggested overhaul.

To me, the young ones should be moulded to have the necessary independent thinking, despite what is chaining their surrounding. In this case, the education system. And this should be done, BEFORE they decide what they want to do with their life.

Who should do it? I think we, should be the main player. Enough of just commenting and arguing that has been going for as long as we can remember.

How to do it? It is not for me to answer. I think this is very subjective and the modules are subjected to the capabilities of the deliverer. But the main thing is that you and me (and anyone who care to bother on this problem) should go down to these young minds before it is too late.

Airilsametok said...

Dr. Ben: Agree with you on:

1. There is no immediate remedy on the issue unless..
2. We should be the main player.

I summarize this under the tagline "a man gotta what a man gotta do, and he must do it now".

On how to do it, I also agree on the notion that we should do it with whatever we have at our disposal, our capacity and realm. And in my opinion, univ. teachers like us can be the best reformers, hope you don't mind the terms, since we have the privilege of having the direct contact with the 'future core' of the society. As selective as they are maybe, they will have great influences to change matters, InsyaAllah.