Thursday, 15 September 2011


What a historical day today, ISA has been abolished. An act that the only lacking maybe the uncertain duration of the detention. Also, there is a promise that there will be no detention on ideological grounds. Aren’t these only hint the wind of change that going to take the country by storm. Are we going to be more open? Are we going to be more equal? Are we going to play on a more leveled playing field? Are we equipped? Are we ready? I’m really looking forward to see how things going to turn out.


Ghaf said...

Salam Dr.

Your posting entitled , " The Day ISA is Abolished " was sudden . It took me a little time to digest that brave announcement made by our Prime Minister . My immediate response was I disagreed and I still don't . As I have anticipated many share this sentiment . My reason is simply that ISA is for bad people and I am not the one . We have hundreds of legitimate reasons why ISA should stay . My speculation and much convince that ISA is to stay and I am looking forward to that .

Never mine what I think , let hear what the opposition minds especially the pundits of DAP responded to the announcement , and a touch of my comments .

To have shouldered upon skepticism with consciousness that Najib's call for the abolition of the Act is just a political ecstasy of diversion from the ' long lost democracy. It echoes that Najib is no near of being the ' begotten son ' of democracy .

After all who cares , the rules , premises and appreciation of democracy are dominated by the holder who owns logic delving for partisan democracy in due of dominating the political thinking .

The argument reveals consistently that the present administration is out of breath in the making to stay in power and to make it obvious that Umno has ripen into the political punching bag .

Apparently , no matter how much Najib's proclamation of making this country for betterment , the adversity is measured by schism which is constructed for domination .

To some minds , it is their impulses in announcing their vigorous crusade in the making to shape up the aftermath of so called the ' unjust ' Malaysian democracy . Their central prerequisite of ' freedom ' to ' partisans democracy ' is their trade edition of persuasiveness for a new political order and Najib's leadership is at randomly targeted for blow up .

No matter how good or bad is ISA or it is to go or stay , the course of its development is conditionally be challenged . The suspicious and sordid minds have been programmed in against the political abuse of the Act is greater than the realization of the Act itself .

Adamantly , the bottom line is to fire up that the drift of ISA is just barbaric , inhuman and therefore it is uncivilized and undemocratic stance for unpopularity . Besides , they are uttering in deliberation that ' injustice' prevail in the election electorate which is their call for drastic reform to avoid Bersih 3 .

Yet the argument at length given that Najib who is the prime administrator of the Government is dammed insincere for the abolishment because ISA is thought to be the fundamental tool used for Najib and Umno to stay in power . It is interpreted that the two laws superseded ISA are just another white washed .

The oust ISA and than reinstating the anti-terrorist laws are by-words , an old wine in the new bottle . In essence , the old wine is accredited to antiquity , consistency of texture , characters in the assimilation of wisdom . When funneling to the new bottle , it does not garble the contents for contamination . That is why the older the wine , the dearly it becomes , funneling from the barrels to bottles bestowing to recognition of the domicile of origin .

What really mind is : " If Somebody Gives Me His Hand, I Will Not Look at Him with Suspicion ".
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa .

Airilsametok said...

Ghaf: I am myself confused. Either righteous and falseness have a very thin line separating them or the border is too wide for them not to intermingle and overlap, but one thing is for sure; there is no a sure thing anymore.