Friday, 30 December 2011


Tengah tengok K-POP world festival. 10 participants all over the world, selected from more than 30,000 try-outs in Great Britain, US, Peru Argentina, France etc. performing on Korean stage, dying to impress the Korean, dying to mimic Korean culture. They sing Korean songs, they dance Korean dance and they even talk Korean. Korea and its people have dictated the world. Aku jealous and feel desperate all at the same time. Why it got to be them, why cant it be us? Korea diclassify sebagai sebuah negara bawah poverty line in the 60's but now they govern the world. They have worked hard, when we have not. That is the reason.
Kenapa dunia tak tiru BOLLYWOOD mcm diorg tiru KPOP?. Sebab India tak bagi contoh yang baik dlm bidang yang lain spt industri, pendidikan dan sosial status/standard. Korean have proved it all. Academics diorang, saintis diorang, industry diorang, social standard diorang, semua tinggi dan maju hence the world is singing KPOP songs i.e. after Korean have proved it all that they are worth and deserved to be followed and admired. KITA BILA? What proofs do we have???????? Arghhhhhh tension!! wahai student2 aku...jom la belajar KUAT2!! JOM LA!!!

Monday, 26 December 2011


Scylla Operation, ERCAD and I were in the News Sunday Times last sunday (25th December). Below is the newspaper cutting and beneath it is the article which I cut and paste for your reading (only if you are interested, of course).

ENGINEERING fields of today have gone through drastic changes due to the revolution of IT and computer technology. While having theoretical background of engineering disciplines is still vital to an engineer, the application of computer technology especially in the analysis and design works has become a compulsory skill that must be possessed by a practicing engineer.

Malaysian students and universities are having difficulty in buying commercial software as it is very expensive because it is foreign-made. Because of this, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) with the collaboration of KPERAK INC, CREAM-CIDB and Scylla Operation Sdn Bhd have successfully produced an engineering software called Educational Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Design or ERCAD.

It is recognised as Malaysia's first homegrown software because the source codes were fully written by local experts comprising of UTM scholars and programmers from Scylla Operation, a Malaysian company that specialises in engineering software development.

In addition, it is the first software that is tailored to suit the civil engineering teaching and learning environment and its creation was led by Dr Airil Yasreen Mohd Yassin, a senior lecturer and research fellow at Steel Technology Centre (STC), Faculty of Civil Engineering (FKA).

The software automates the analysis and design of low and medium rise reinforced concrete building, utilising the finite element method for the analysis and BS 8110 for the design procedures. The development of the ERCAD software has seen the involvement of 10 UTM academicians comprising professors, associate professors, senior lecturers and a tutor.

HOW IT BEGAN: The history of the software development goes back to 2007 when CREAM-CIDB funded a research project at UTM. The project's objective was to produce software for the design of Industrialised Building System. The initial software was then named Automated and Integrated Design of IBS or AID-IBS in short.

Towards the end of the research duration, the commercial potential of the work was identified by KPERAK INC, a non-profit agency established by the Perak State Government, which then funded the pre-commercialisation of the software. Due to sales and marketing strategies, the focus of the development shifted, however, towards reinforced concrete building and as a result, the software was renamed ERCAD.

On the involvement of Scylla Operation Sdn Bhd, the company's establishment was a natural evolution and the byproduct of the research project. The company is owned by a group of UTM alumni who originally worked on the research to develop the software. The establishment of the company is in line with Malaysia's higher education agenda that is to instill entrepreneurship in university education as well to ensure the continuity of the research work.

AS GOOD AS FOREIGN-MADE SOFTWARE: In ensuring the quality of the software especially in terms of the performance and functionality so as to meet not only educational but industrial demands and needs, the development of the software was benchmarked against established foreign software.

The software has also been sent for beta-testing or a trial-run at an established local civil engineering consulting firm and is continuously monitored by experts from several higher learning institutes who have been appointed as external reviewers. The software has also been demonstrated at Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi (JPT), Malaysia and obtained full support from the ministry. ERCAD has also been demonstrated to many stakeholders such as Jabatan Kerja Raya for continual improvement.

Since the objective of the project is to produce software that is equivalent in performance but cheaper in price, ERCAD is provided at a very low price. Based on a selection of product packages and pricing, ERCAD can be purchased by a student at a low price of RM100 and this is very affordable compared to established foreign software which would cost more than RM50,000 for a standalone version.

ACCESIBILITY: Affordable software is very much needed because current practice requires students to queue-up to get access to the software which is usually installed as a network version at a faculty or department's computer lab.

In contrast, ERCAD allows civil engineering students to use the software anywhere and anytime since it is installed in individual computers. ERCAD can also assist civil engineering faculties and departments in the EAC-BEM accreditation since inclusion of computer aided engineering (CAE) in the engineering syllabus has become one of the accreditation criteria.

The software has entered the commercialisation stage where road shows are currently conducted around the countries and thus far the response has been very welcoming and encouraging. Sales promotion activities have also been conducted at 10 national universities and more than 180 units have been sold since it was launched three months ago.

More information can be obtained from Dr Airil Yasreen ayasreen@ or visit Scylla Operation's website

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Ahad lepas, aku perform dengan student2 class theory of structures aku, hence the name of the band "Theory of Musics" (tp aku yg bagi nama ni..haha). The band consists of Syafiq (Kacu- Drummer), Farhan (Pa'an - Guitar), Faiz (Phea - Bassist) and Tuan Kamaruzzaman (vocal).

Kitorang perform untuk PEKA's Dinnner/Standing Cocktail which was held at Good Hope Hotel (PEKA stands for Persatuan Kejuruteraan Awam). FYI, I was the President of Peka in 1997 and was the Advisor of Peka until last year (terminated without any notice..hahaha). We played two songs both originally written; the first one was KEMBALI (lyrics written by Lynn, my wife) and the second one was GIVE ME YOUR LOVE. There was also special performance by the nation famous alternative band, STATIK (diorg ni budak Skudai rupanya).

Herein, I would like to express my gratitude to PEKA committee, past and present especially the Presidents, past and present (Arif, Ryo and Franklin) for inviting me and the Theory of Musics to perform that night. A special thanks also to STATIK yang sudi hadir tanpa bayaran untuk menghiburkan kami warga PEKA. Thanks a lot STATIK.

Below are three video clips for you to watch. The first one is KEMBALI which lyrics are immediately given beneath, the second one is GIVE ME YOUR LOVE (for the lyrics please click HERE) and the third one a clip of STATIK playing their number CHERITA KITA

CLIP 1: KEMBALI (written by Dr Airil and his wife, Halinawati)

Setelah puas kau berjalan
Dan apabila tiba masanya
Kau berada di hujung jalan
Dan apabila tiada apa di hujungnya

Oh kembalilah
Kerana ku di sini
Akan tetap di sini
Menanti mu
Oh kembalilah
Kembali pada ku

Setiap langkah kau kembali
Jangan ada yang kau sesali
Kerna setiap yang kau lalui
Pasti ada yang mengingati  

CLIP 2: GIVE ME YOUR LOVE (click HERE for lyrics)


Friday, 9 December 2011


I totally have nothing to write for the past few days, busyness most probably the culprit. Time like this is therefore the best time for AirilSametok Band to release our new single. What follows is a video clip of 'Permaisuri' with the lyrics at the bottom of this page. Please enjoy it while I think of something for upcoming entry. Wish me luck.. 

Permaisuri by AirilSametok Band

Tiada kata dan luahan yang dapat
Menggambar betapa aku benar-benar
Menyayangi dirimu seluruh hidupku
Ku serahkan padamu

Engkaulah segala-gala dalam hidupku
Bulan dan bintang bersinar menyinari
Malam-malam dinginku bila
Ku dijamah rindu pada dirimu

Engkau permaisuri ratu hatiku
Tiada pengganti engkau yang satu
Izinkan aku terus bersamamu
Hingga hujung waktu hujung hayatku

Tiada lagi yang ku inginkan
Hanya bersyukur padaMu Tuhan
Kini kau di sisi tiada lagi sepi

Indahnya bagaikan di syurga
Kau bidadari turun ke dunia
Kini kau di sisi tiada lagi sepi

Sunday, 4 December 2011


 Kita dah buat macam yang Islam suruh?

Kita tahu tak ‘orang lain’ kerja rajin macam yang Islam suruh?
Kita tahu tak ‘orang lain’ pandai macam yang Islam suruh?
Kita tahu tak ‘orang lain’ hatinya ikhlas macam yang Islam suruh?

Kita rajin tak macam yang Islam suruh?
Kita pandai tak macam yang Islam suruh?
Kita hati ikhlas tak macam yang Islam suruh?

Tengok ‘orang lain’ di sekeliling kita
Tengok ‘orang lain’ di luar negara
Betul ke kita cemerlang macam ‘mereka’?
Kalau betul, APA BUKTINYA?

Tanya ikhlas betul-betul pada diri sendiri
APA BUKTINYA yang kita rajin, pandai dan ikhlas


Kalau belum, kalau tiada buktinya lagi
Sebelum kita salahkan 'orang lain'
Buatlah dulu apa yang Islam suruh.

Saturday, 3 December 2011


This article is my attempt to reason thus to understand the constant conflicts occurring between us human. "Why are we always in conflict?" is the question which the answer, as I am about to hypothesize, can be derived from the following two just proposed principles (since these are yet established principles, lets call them Dr Airil's Principles of Human's Conflict):
Principle 1: Principle of Conservation of Best Interest 
This principle is proposed to state that human always wanting to act in the best interest; so the 'wanting to act in the best interest' what is conserved. This is based on the axiom that goodness is innate in us human. For an example, a Green activist would do anything to save the world from Green House effects; an immediate proof of  him or her wanting to act in the best interest.  For an another example, but this time an extreme one, even a killer would argue that if he have other options, he would not commit with the killing; a testimonial of  him still wanting to act in the best interest regardless of him being the 'bad guy'.

Principle 2: The Uncertainty Principle of Definition 
This principle is proposed to be read in a similar tone to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Mechanics. Whilst Heisenberg's says something like "if measured using classical mechanics, measurement of quantum states becomes uncertain", the proposed principle says "since the level of understanding between individuals will always be different, their definition on a particular thing or matter or value will also be different therefore becomes uncertain".  
Let me elaborate further on the Uncertainty Principle but the keywords are "definition" and "understanding", so please take note. Lets start with a question, how can we define "definition"? Since I am the one who is writing this article, it is my choice to provide my own view on this. I would define "Definition" as the description of something based on my understanding towards that something.  For an example, I define finite element method as another type of numerical solution in solving a set of partial differential equations which operates on the weak statement (or weak form) of the physical problem whilst being characterized by the employment of shape functions so as to express explicitly the degree of freedoms which purpose is to allow for the easy treatment of the boundary conditions. Obviously, an incomplete thus different definition of finite element method would then be given by my students which incompleteness hence the differences are due to the different level of understanding on the subject between me and them. 
Why Conflict Occur?
Having stated the two principles, we are now in the position to hypothesize why a conflict occur. A conflict occur between us human because we are always trying to satisfy the two principles. We always want to act in the best interest but it is always hard for us to agree on the mean of achieving it. Even the motivation in achieving it usually varies from one person to another or from one society to another. Worst, even the definition on the best interest itself is debated between different groups or parties. 
Lets take the Green activist as an example. Everyone wants to save the world but the Green activist is more desperate because his or her knowledge on, say, environmental science makes him or her see how Green House effect is really a real threat, in fact, an immediate ones more than others would see it. This desperateness motivates the activist to go great extents say to the extent of sabotaging some oil companies only to creating subsequent conflict. If only the oil companies share the same desperateness, such a conflict would not occur. Or the other way around, if only the Green Activist shares the same interest as the oil company, the occur would not occur also.  The big SO is therefore, disagreements and desperateness in doing good what induce the conflict. Ironic isn't? What supposed to be a good course can sometime be the cause for a bad course. 
Disagreement Versus Desperateness
Since disagreement and desperateness are the causes of conflict, which one is really to be blamed? How wrong can desperateness in doing good can be? I think, it can't do no wrong. Wanting desperately to do good is always good and this an axiom! So disagreement is to blame. But not all disagreement is bad, disagreement guided and supported by knowledge is benign, in fact, many times, it is a good thing because variation in ideas and opinion trigger advancements. It is the disagreement due to ignorance that is EVIL. But this is a twisted thing; if we know we are ignorant, we would not be an ignorant in the first place, would we? And telling others that they are ignorant is indeed the main cause of conflict, especially if they are in a deep ignorance!! The more ignorant we are, the more we hate to be called or told as ignorant. But, isn't knowing what we are ignorant at is the prerequisite to becoming non-ignorant or enlightened? Twisted isn't it?
Is It a Dead End?
If the above question refers to the conflict between human itself, the answer is yes because if the above principles are really true, they will hold forever because that is what a scientific principle needs to be. So, conflict between us human is something that we must accept as a fact of life. It has not, is not and will not stop. It is a dead end.
But, if the question refers to how can we live about with this fact of life, in other words, how can we minimize such conflicts so that we can have a better life, the answer is no, it is not a dead. And the way to do this is proposed as follows:
1) be open-minded; ready to receive input and information without prejudice.  
2) do not judge easily ; things may be not as it seems

3) be critical; but be self-critical first

4) acquire and get updated knowledge; but do not 'stay' localized in both time and space

5) and many more which are open for discussions