Friday, 16 September 2011


To conquer the world, we must have both wealth and knowledge as both are powers. But luckily, today’s advancement of science and technology especially in the field of IT, allows the condition that the former can be the byproduct of the latter. So, since we are not lucky enough to have inherited the ‘wealth’, we can compensate by doubling up the effort in knowledge acquirement as this basically only requires not more that ‘books’ and ‘brains’, which currently we have at our disposal. But the realities are seeing, for examples, only two Muslims ever won the Nobles Prizes as compared to the 12 Chinese and Singapore universities at top 20 in the world in comparison with ours at top 200. I know people will argue about this ranking thing which for me just an immediate instance of how our people are so self-obsessed, cannot accept self-criticism and always like to blame others for their own lacking. Yesterday, after giving a business pitch at PECIPTA 2011 at KLCC Convention Centre, I went up to Kinokuniya and felt very sad to see out of hundreds (if not thousands) books at the Science, Engineering and Mathematics sections, it was hard to even get ten books authored by Muslims. If we really want Syiar Islam to be practiced throughout the world, we must start working in turning this ‘Kinokuniya scenario’ into those where it would be our books on those shelves.

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