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Many claim that the world is ruled by Freemasonry through proxies. Although the masons deny it and keep saying that “we are not a secret society but a society with secrets” but clues around us only tell otherwise. So, how they came to power? The answer is by possessing both, wealth and knowledge. Elaborating on these and relating them to our current depressing situation are the intentions of this article.

How Freemasonry Possesses so Much Wealth?

The history of Freemasonry can be traced back to the era of the crusades. During the ruling of the Christians, the Holy Land was ruled or managed (the latter should be the better word) by English knights called Knights Templar. Logistically away from Europe, these knights got a hold of the land to themselves and making so much wealth to the extent that European kings asked them for financial support during wars. At the same time, rumor has it that the knights also creep into mysticism and some says that this was due to the interactions they had with Muslims mysticism/Sufism. The crisis started when a King (I just couldn't remember, I think it was the King of France) plea for support was rejected by the Templar resulting in the King reported the infidelity of the knights of mysticism practice to the Vatican. Having believed the heresy, the Vatican launched the attacks on the knights; those captured were burnt to death and those escaped settled mostly in Scotland which at the time was at war with England hence willing to provide protection. The knights brought together with them voluminous wealth. Wanting not to be discovered and influenced by their mysticism practice, the knights started to communicate subversively and in mysterious manner i.e. ritual, signs, rhetoric language, etc. The wealth inheritance as well as the mysterious cultures was later evolved into Freemasonry (of course with some influences of/collaboration with the Illuminati). This was how Freemasonry inherited so much wealth.

How Freemasonry Possesses so Much Knowledge?

The wars of crusade also exposed the European to modern knowledge developed by the Muslims only to make them realized the orthodoxy of the churches. Again, this has triggered the attacks of the Vatican hence the churches on the learned European only to make the latter, in ensuring the survival of the knowledge they have acquired, to perceive subversive movement as the only way out and Freemasonry was already there to assist. This was how Freemasonry inherited so much knowledge; with submissions of the learned into the secret society. For your information, Royal Society, the oldest and the biggest academic society in the world was founded by a group of masons who attended regularly the talk by Christopher Wren and who all have decided to put aside their contradiction in politics and religions (England was at civil war between King Charles II and Oliver Cromwell as well as between Church of England and the Protestant), for the sake of knowledge. Sir Isaac Newton was a mason and was the second intake of the society, imagine that.

How this Story of Freemasonry Compares to Us?

Orthodoxy of churches: This is equivalent to the orthodoxy or stupidity of our society, BOTH SIDES. Both sides are seemed to be detached from present realities. The world is changing so much and so quick that they just cannot keep up with it.

King’s report on infidelity: This is similar to our culture where we easily call others who do not agree with us as infidels.

Vatican believed in heresy: This is comparable to the culture of our society of believing anything blindly, again BOTH SIDES.

Mistreatment towards the Learned: This is equal to the present state faced by the young ones in Malaysia where many of them are labeled as Wahabi, Syiah, Secular, Pluralist, Extremist, Modernist, and Idealist etc by the old ones, again BOTH SIDES.


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