Monday, 8 June 2015


SERIOUSLY, sebenarnya aku terhutang budi sgt dgn John Nash through both the movie and the autobiography, A BEAUTIFUL MIND.

1. Aku nak sgt buat maths dlm PhD aku disebabkan movie tu lah. Alhamdullillah antaranya aku derived dan solved differential equation yg baru selain guna application of Fourier Series dlm PhD aku. Dan sekrang I am doing computational mechanics thus living my dream life. Lepas aku tgk movie tu aku nak sgt ada association with maths dan alhamdullillah skrg aku ada paper in maths and physics and working with mathematics professors especially Prof Ockendon FRS of Oxford.

2. Aku nak sangat dpt PhD juga disbbkan movie tu dan the scene waktu Nash masuk bilik tentera dan general tu panggil "Dr Nash..." is the moment I waited to happen to me selama 3 tahn aku buat PhD and that moment came kat bilik Alice Kwesu, secretary Prof Nethercot bila dia called Dr Gardner and said "Hi Leroy, this is about Dr Yassin"....kikikik this happened next day after aku punya viva.

3. Aku nak sangat pegi Imperial College sbb Nash pegi Princeton. I went to the best school of Civil Engineering one could ever have just like went to the best school any mathematician would ever have.

4. I didn't mind tak berumah tak berbilik di London and just tidur surau atau tumpang bilik kawan because Nash didnt mind either, all he needed was the window glass in the library.

5. I hoped and prayed for that enlightment moment like Nash got his, as featured waktu scene dalam bar. I told this many times to my generations pf students. It was that night when my younger sister Zaris Izzati Mohd Yassincalled all the way from Malaysia asking about mathematical functions for her SPM, when I got my first idea to reperensent the arbitrary shape of my composite beams using functions leading to my work on Fourier Series and Transform.

6. I wrote last year on my annivesary;

"Lynn to me is like Alicia to Nash. She believes in my talents and potential but guards me from my insanity"

The story about Nash really changed my life forever. Aku pernah tulis something like this, that the movie has unfolded unto me of another world, that is, the world of academia, the world where I want to spend the rest of my life in.

Dan syukurnya, semua ini, semua harapan dan hajat aku ni, Allah izinkan terjadi, alhamdullillah.

Thanks again Dr Nash and Alicia.

*seriously, feeling a bit disturbed today, can help feeling something special is there no more.

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