Tuesday, 4 October 2011


My wife has advised me to stop from worrying too much about our society. You want to know why? Her advice prompted just after I received the following email from a senior colleague of mine:

"This is a public domain so, when you have the will to write something using harsh and unpleasant words, then you should be be willing accept comments from others with open heart.

Bro Airil, ini pendapat saya. This is what happen to a person when the liquid in his knee cap is much bigger than his brain. There's no point knowing all the Islamic histories and able to memorise every word in the 40 hadiths and YET WE NEVER BOTHER TO PRACTICE THEM in our daily life.

Saya quote couple of practices of the Prophet s.a.w. which YOU SEEM TO IGNORE although your knowledge in Islam seems to be more than most of us. Kawan-kawan yang lebih arif tolong betulkan kalau saya salah.

1. Satu ketika Nabi hendak bersolat tetapi atas sejadah terdapat seekor kucing sedang tidur. Untuk tidak menggannggu kucing itu, beliau memotong sejadah tersebut dan sembahyang di atas bahagian sejadah yang dipotong. Cuba awak ingat kembali apa yang awak buat bila orang lain ambil parking lot awak? Remind you I used to write about this before. Ada terlintas dalam hati awak nak mengalah (I used to write about this before)....here is the proof you're ignoring the sunnah.

2. Nabi s.a.w ada berpesan, kalau kita dalam keadaan yang amat marah terhadap orang lain, lebih baik ambil wudu' dan sembahyang dua rakaat. Bukan ajak orang berdebat atau cabar orang kalau berani 'open table'. Ada awak terfikir nak ambil wudu' atau sembahyang sunat.....again sir, you're ignoring the sunnah.

Ini baru 2 je, saya ada 99 sunnah Nabi lagi yang saya simpan untuk saya gunakan lain kali .....jika perlu!!!!

You may think, "aah, betul la tu, kalau takde angin takkan la pokok bergoyang" or "tepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi" or anything that "sewaktu dengannya". I do not care what you think. In my defend, I like to say that nothing that I have written or done deserved such an immature reply. You may say that I am biased towards myself as nobody would admit that he is guilty but like I said, WHATEVER!

All I know is that such a mentality (referring to my senior colleague's email) is not of a remote case but instead, it resonates the orthodoxy of our society, especially those of our seniors; not those pensioners who I called fathers but those who are still in the office who are too stupid to realize their own stupidity and to make matter worst who are in the position to make decisions which most of the time stupid decisions. The world is exponentially changing and so quick the changes, these seniors just could not keep up with world thus detach from realities.

And that particular email also taught me that never asked people to read my writing. My writing should only for the eyes of those who are really curious about my ideas, feeling, principles, ideology and personal history. From now on, I will not post or publish anymore of my writing on 'life' in popular public domains like FB or email (to exclude newspaper or any formal publication). I will only write it here in my blog and I will write it freely in the manner I like.

And the future posts in this blog will be autobiographical and biographical in nature. It's going to be about me and only me; my personal history, my view on life and society, what I like and dislike, what I love and hate and I am going to write it in a novel-like forms. So since its about me, I like to warn the readers (if there is any reader) that this is not going to be about you and/or your society anymore. So jangan nak terasa atau perasan.

And to those who ever wonder why I chose the title "As I Remember" for the writing, actually it is also the title of Timoshenko's autobiography which tell the life of the great engineer. This book has inspired me as an engineer so I decided to use it on mine as well.

In my next immediate post ( AS I REMEMBER (PT 2)), I will tell you (if there is any 'you') a story of how I first fell in love with knowledge. What really changed me and my perspective on knowledge, so to speak. This post will bring us back to the year 2000. Those interested, please wait for it..............

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Angriness will either drive or burn you out.

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