Sunday, 13 November 2011


by Dr Airil Sametok

I don't want you to stop
So I didn't want to write this
Please do not stop
For stupid amuses me

I play you like a toy
I wish you will never see
But I wrote this still
Without a single worry

For between these lines
You will never see
So you will not stop
Amuse me, you will always be


Dr. Ben said...

I probably understand to whom this is poem is addressed to but this will not do you any good. In fact, it will do more harm.

Stick to the hard facts and remove all the unnecessary. If you are right, then it will come out eventually.

It is not about winning or losing. Or who is cleverer. Academic is not about that.

Airilsametok said...

Haha...thanks for the advice Dr Ben and I really appreciate your concern. Knowing you (although not for very long) I know you comment was pure sincerity, and for that I thank you, again.

I got to admit that the words were inspired by a peculiar circumstance, but that just was it really, I purposely allowed myself to be 'possessed' by the wicked feeling hence inspired. But not more than that.

Please see this from the perspective of an artist which I am sure you are very capable of doing since I know your songs and wordings, (mine of course can not be put on the pedestal as yours) but as a novice as I am, I love it as my humble masterpiece.

So, I promise, I mean no harm to everyone. I just could not keep it in the closet, that's all, if you know what I mean.

Janji, janji, janji...(haha...macam la sedap sangat pun)

Dr. Ben said...

channel jadi lagu je bro... at least "enjoyable" hahaha...

Tapi inikan poem. Sama macam lagu juga tapi obvious sangat le haha...

Airilsametok said...

Baik Dr Ben, malam ni aku try, tapi aku tak pandai nak buat lagu marah-marah ni...kalau bab lagu, asyik romantic side je yg keluar...haha