Thursday, 23 April 2015


Pensyarah bukanlah pekerja in a strict sense tapi someone who does exciting and important works and enjoying it.

We do have routine job, that is teaching classes, but we basically should and can do whatever we want.

If a pensyarah decides to build a rocket, he or she should and can start doing it immediately today and after few years, he or she will achieve it to certain extent (if not really building it fully).

If he or she decides to study the universe, in few years he or she might have a glance at the expansion of the universe and its creation from singularity.

This is the essence of being a pensyarah. Those not feeling and living it, then they are not pensyarah in a strict sense; they are merely workers. They are missing the best part of it.

So to all pensyarah, THINK AND DO EXCITING BUT IMPORTANT THINGS EVERYDAY because that is what we are supposed to be; because that is the best part of being one.

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Anonymous said...

Dr, sy skg dlm 'dilema' la jugak. Mmg sy minat sgt research n teaching also. Baru je grad master research mode dr utm. N offer letter utk continue phd da dpt pn. tp sy tangguh dulu n sy skg tgh cari idea n baca dulu utk smbg nnt.
Soalan sy, utk mohon menjadi lecturer nnt, xpeke sy ni dari degree, master, phd dr u yg sama je..apa pendapat dr?