Monday, 11 May 2015


A friend who read my FB status about UTP will be like MIT in 5 years time asked, what is the plan, what is the mechanism that going to make this possible?

I answered by telling that it is the dynamic environment at UTP that going to make it possible.

You see, people at UTP are small in numbers thus it is easier to build the momentum and the momentum is there already.

Based on my observation, people in UTP are trained to work towards a common goal and it has been emphasized that along the away, continuos knowledge acquirement is one of the important keys to success.

Thus, wanting to learn more has been in the DNA of UTP and walla! this what we need.

So here is the plan. Me and my colleagues will make REVISION amongst ourselves on the fundamental topics i.e. engineering mathematics, mechanics and dynamics, finite element method and some computer programming. This all we need because other research knowledge and experience we got already.

With full commitment (not full time though, we will find times for this full commitment), we can cover these topics in two years. Meaning, after two years we will be equipped with the knowledge possesed by the supervisors at MIT.

The next three years is when we are going to put the knoweldge into action through research supervision and by the end of fifth year we can expect research output of MIT level.

So this is the plan. It is possible/feasible because of the dynamic environment at UTP that emphasizes on:

1. Working towards a common goal

2. The importance of continuous learning

On top, we are small in numbers, JUST LIKE MIT.

*for the time being, UTP referred herein specifically means Civil and Environmental Dept. of UTP.

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