Wednesday, 11 April 2012


IRCAD or Industrial Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Design Software, a software which I have developed with Scylla Operation, for low and medium rise concrete building, is finally ready for its beta testing. To be scheduled next week (15 April 2012), the beta test will take place at an established civil engineering firm in Subang for two weeks.

IRCAD is actually the full version of the educational package, ERCAD (to read about ERCAD, click here and here). IRCAD is therefore has extra features which the major ones are:

1. Finite Element plate analysis for irregular slabs
2. Import and export of and as AutoCad drawings.
3. Slanting elements
4. Released conditions

Below is the three minute video showing IRCAD and ORION, a UK's software side by side. For your information, ORION is one of the most popular design and analysis software in civil engineering office and costs more than RM50,000.

Although the price is yet to be decided (a meeting will be held on 27th April between UTM, KPERAK and CIDB in regards to this matter) but it is expected to be in the range of RM10k - RM 20k; about one fourth to one third of the foreign product.

Herein, I hope that all readers with engineering background can support this software when it is launched in August. In the meantime, we are happy to make demonstration and give sample version for trial purposes. Just leave your contact number and we will contact you in due course.

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