Monday, 4 February 2013


I always told my students that I was a jealous man. So I ran and hit the gym to keep myself fit and my body in shape. I played badminton and other sports. I learned to play guitar and wrote song. I learned hard to be among the smartest guys and worked hard to be successful and got myself a BMW. I started to be expressive and rhetorical so that I could have followers. I basically tried to do many things and worked to be relatively good at them. Then I asked my student why all these?

So that I jealous no more. So that Lynn wishes no more. So that we can live happily ever after, insyaAllah. Because what jeopardizes marriage the most is jealousy. Once a man feels inferior, what comes next is a relationship crisis.

I told them that no man can stand his women having glary eyes at another man playing a guitar and sing beautiful love song. Or being outside the badminton court and watch his wife and children cheering at his officemates in an inter-department tournament, at time he was not good enough to get selected into the team.

And I told them that they still have 5 more years (more or less) to go before their marriage, so start to prepare. Start running, take guitar lesson, take up sports, learn hard, work hard etc. They still have time.

And I finally told them "Consider yourself as have been warned"

Oh ya, one more note on running. Dulu waktu supervisor PhD aku, Prof David Nethercot, datang Malaysia, dia tanya aku "Do you still run?" Aku jawab "Yes, I still do". Dia replied "Good. That's a smart guys activity Most people I know run". Dan aku setuju sangat dengan dia sebab to be smart all you need to do is to persevere in your learning and running trains you to be just that; persevere against your greatest enemy, that is YOU. When you run, you stop not because you are tired (although yourself keep telling you so) but because you are done. When you run, you run against the YOU in you. Same goes to learning. In fact, it goes the same in whatever we do. So guys, let's start running and train ourselves to persevere.

And one last note (I am actually saving record of my FB status related to this matter), this time its on the relationship between exercising and brain strength; my own hyphotesis. Brain, like any other muscles, can be made stronger by exercizing. What kind of exercize? Read n think, read n think. If you do this, believe me, you'll be suprised at the exponential relationship between these activities and your brains' strength; lower rate at first but a sudden jump after a decent period. Try it but like in other exercizes, you must presevere to see the result.


Wan said...

keep running, doc.

Anonymous said...

and why should we want a slutty wife that are "having glary eyes at another man playing a guitar" ...


Airilsametok said...

aku nak stressing a point...jgnla literally sgt...susah sebenarnya nk mengajar ni, ajar straightforward dikata boring, tp nak kreatif sikit dh ko kata bagai...macam2 la orang ni