Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Lagu Malique yang baru, feat Black tajuk Teman Pengganti memang se'macam' especially lyrics dia which is about how he is dying and knowing somehow his wife got to find the pengganti (a new husband) and he is ok with it despite reality still bites. What's more is the rumor that Malique is really dying of cancer, betul tak betul aku tak sure.

Tapi aku tak macam Malique where I did tell Lynn several times that I wish dia will not find my replacement, the reason being.......I write my explanation  beneath the following youtube video of Malique's song. Please click and listen to the song while reading my aforementioned explanation (saje je nak bagi feel sikit)

Reason kenapa, kalau boleh aku tak nak Lynn kahwin lain, bukan untuk diri aku (aku dah mati so aku peduli apa) but solely for the sake of my children, if they must lose me I wish they don't have to lose the remaining of 'me', that is my family, tok diorang, pah diorang, pakcik2, makcik2 dan sepupu2 diorang and of course, the life which I have built for and with them.

You see, I have established this rather unique kind of life, not only for me but  for my wife and my children where my family is everything, hence the reason why we go back to Talang every month, drive back and forth all the way from JB for almost 600km one way even if its only for the weekend (bertolak jumaat dan balik semula ahad), something almost we never failed to do so. And my children have developed this homesickness craving to go back to kampung, asking me when we are going back to see tok, pah and everybody when a month time is up.

Now, if Lynn get married again, will his husband do the same thing? He most probably will prefer to go home to his kampung instead. And what makes things worst, Lynn does not drive and even if she does, 600km one way would be too far for any women.

As a result, my children will not only lose me but they also gonna lose my family and of course, the life which I have built for and with them. Aku tak macam Malique........................

(Sorry Deng, tapi kalau ko nak kahwin, kahwin la, abang nak buat macamana)


Dr. Ben said...

sungguh morbid ini entry.

MURO- ZADEL said...

ayat kurungan hati yang last sekali tu...:)

Anonymous said...

confirm ke lagu tu pasal dia?

Anonymous said...

How do I get through one night without you
If I had to live without you
What kind of life would that be
Oh I, I need you in my arms
Need you to hold
You're my world, my heart, my soul

If you ever leave
Baby you would take away everything good in my life
And tell me now

How do I live without you
I want to know
How do I breathe without you
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive
How do I
How do I
Oh, how do I live