Friday, 2 March 2012


Journal article and scientific writing, the never ending polemic in Malaysian academia, despite its universal acceptance as academics norms for as long as there exist the so called academia, is actually a generation divide. It is a clash of generations, a clash between the young and the old, between the orthodox and the enlightened. While the young eagerly want to write, the old see such an eagerness as preposterous. While the young deeply believe that they are submitting to the 'universally accepted academics norms', the old doubt it as merely an act of grandiose.

The old will never realize and admit that writing is in fact, an old act, much much older than the old themselves. Instead, they take this vibe for writing as a sort of innovation (bidaah), created by the young for all the wrong reasons. But what amuses the most is the question, how on earth can the old ever miss this worldly, if not universally, colossal point that is; writing is a form, indeed the most prominent forms of knowledge dissemination?. Is not being an academic is nothing but to acquire knowledge and to disseminate them for the sake of humankind, or is it?

Does anybody who is reading this have the answer to such an amusing question? I have the answer, but a lengthy one, too lengthy I have no time to write about it here (at least not in this very moment of time).....hahaha!!!!


zakzak said...

aku baru terserempak dengan blog tuan. sangat menarik, mungkin kerana kita berkongsi beberapa perkara dan berlainan pendapat dengan beberapa perkara.

berkenaan dengan soalan tuan, well no idea...will have to observe. but i do think that the environment is changing, for the better inshaallah.

Airilsametok said...

zakzak, its always nice to know that someone likes to read this blog, thank you so much and please visit when you have the time.


Assalamualaikum Dr.

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