Monday, 27 October 2014


It was two years ago, somewhere in 2012 when my younger brother, Je, started the idea of owning back a motorbike. The last time we had one, was more than 10 years before that when me and Je, each owned a Yamaha RXZ (it was 5 years for my other lil brother Deni, after he inherited Je's RXZ).

2012 was the time when ER6 and Versys were the talk of the town. Je even brought me to visit a shop in Kota Damansara to view ER6. At the time I thought ER6 was not bad and quite alluring. I still remember how he and Deni were very into ER6 but now, no longer, I believe.

My cousin, Abg Wan on the other hand, was very into the touring version, Versys. He talked us, the SAMETOK or the cousins (Me, Je, Deni, Abg Wan, Abg Tan, Abg Sham and Abg Nizam, into what we called "ngamboi" session (a day-out just us male cousins) to Ipoh so as to view Versys when it all happened, my first encounter with DUCATI MONSTER.

Whilst Versys, like Er6, was quite alluring, the MONSTER was REALLY something. It caught my eye like no other bike has. It was love at first sight, I would say. I never wanted a bike so bad until I saw this MONSTER.

After that "ngamboi" session, every time the topic of big-bikes popped up among us, I never failed to mention DUCATI MONSTER and how I really love it.

But, due to the high price and the absence of any practical reason, I kept my desire of having the DUCATI just to myself and life went on.

But it all changed about a month ago when I realized my smoking habit had gone to its worst level. I smoke more than a pack on a good day and about two packs on a bad day and the fact that I am approaching 40 (will be in 2 and half years) only makes it so alarming.

I MUST REDUCE IT whatever it takes, I said to myself. So I decided to reduce it to half (at least) and I also decided that I must have a very good motivation for it so as to ensure this effort to prevail. A DUCATI would be a very2 good one, wouldn't it?

When I told this to my wife, Lynn, about how I want to reduce my cigarette to half and how it would be "easier" if I can have the MONSTER as motivation (the argument would be that the money I'd save from cutting down my cigarette will be what paying for the bike), she just agreed. In fact, she urged me to get the bike ASAP so that I can execute my plan (cigarette reducing) immediately.

So this is how now, and it has been over a month alhamdullillah, I am no longer a heavy smoker according to WHO. The world body defines heavy smokers as those consume more than a pack a day,

And this is also how a Ducati Monster, the bike I have kept thinking since 2012, ends up as mine after finding some very good reasons for it; as a motivation (in cutting down smoking) and practically at no cost (if I keep paying the bike with the money saved from the cutting down of my cigarettes).

At no cost indeed, except for the 20k Lynn gave me for the upfront payment, ngeh3x...Love you Deng


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